November 1, 2021
Time: 10:00

Sash Ka’s interest in art has come about through her desire to express that which is not
meant to be expressed through words. Through her love of philosophy, her extensive work
in the field of Occupational Therapy and Psychotherapy and her formidable drive to be free
to sculpture her own choices and her own destiny.

Sash Ka has cultivated a bold uncompromising style through her freedom with paint and
canvas.Sash Ka commits fully to the unknown and the journey. From a place of trust she
enters into a relationship with the canvas, paint, colour and the space . The painting begins
to emerge through the energy that is generated from a felt sense rather than a need to
impose form. Sash ka’s work has sold throughout Ireland and the UK and as far afield as

“The Black swan is a beautiful creature who arrived in my life in March 2019, remaining there
in many different forms throughout lockdown. The image of the Black swan with its wings
open flamenco style, passionate, the gothic mix of blood red, black and white in ways just
beckoned me, seeking in unknown ways the black swan in me. Alone, through lockdown as
an artist I was so deeply nurtured by this wondrous creature, who up until its discovery in 1697 in Western
Australia, was not believed to have existed.

All the Art on view in the exhibition was painted in my lockdown, my BLACK SWAN EVENT
which in another context is defined as an event that comes as surprise, has a major effect
and can often be inappropriately rationalised.”
Sash ka Sheils