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Testimonials & Reviews

We asked our customers what the Belfast Barge meant to them and what experiences they had had onboard our unique venue. Here are just a few of their responses.


We had our “Underneath The Night of Stars” EP Launch sold out on Belfast Barge May 2013 and it’s still one of our favourite gigs and more importantly venues to play locally , it would be a colossal shame to see it and many other smaller venues closed due to cuts as there’s not many venues with a bit of character about them …hopefully it’ll not be the last time we play there either – there’s “evidence” of our night so thank yous for makin’ it memorable and i hope things stay afloat.

Check out Robyn’s ‘If Now Is An Echo’ Live from The Barge

Without doubt one of the most enjoyable and unique venues I’ve ever played.

Stephen Macartney


The Belfast Barge really holds a special place in the hearts of Renegade Kings and our fans. We have absolutely loved being able to play at the venue twice and we were so disappointed to not get the third gig for your fundraiser earlier this year.
It really is a unique place and many of our fans travelled from Moira/Aghalee/Lisburn to the gig and weren’t familiar with it before we played there. Since then, most of them have said that those two gigs are now some of their most memorable gigs in Belfast, due to this special place!

Jonathan Dickson – Branch Manager/Valuer – The Renegade Kings


I had my 50th birthday party on the Barge 3 years ago. It was so amazing! My friends and I still talk about it as one of the best parties ever! I had an 80s theme with disco, fancy dress, BYO drinks, and outside caterers. Susan was so helpful and I was able to have exactly the type of party I wanted. There were about 50 of us singing and dancing the night away, and the craic was mighty. My guests were so impressed at such an original atmospheric and fun location for a party. And being in the heart of the city it’s easy for everyone to get to. Once on board though you could be anywhere in the world on your own private boat. It’s such an amazing memory I will treasure forever. Happy times indeed!!!


I have hosted a volunteer Christmas party at The Barge for the last 3 years for the volunteers of a charity. The barge has been absolutely perfect. The barge is a great, quirky venue that offers something different for a Christmas party. The place was already perfectly decorated and the staff were so so helpful and went out of their way to ensure we had the perfect night. I couldn’t recommend the barge highly enough.

Mark Knox- Aspire NI


What a fabulous resource in the heart of Belfast on our beautiful river Lagan. My children have visited the museum and used it for school projects so educational and they also attended some pirate fun story telling. My father celebrated his 70th Birthday on Board the Barge so very special. The Barge is a totally unique venue and Belfast needs it. It’s a tourist attraction and something Belfast should be proud of.

Christina Nelson

Villiers and the Villains.. we had a wonderful night playing The Barge last year, with special guest, Brenda Kennedy. Great venue and atmosphere!

Doc Doherty – Villiers and the Villains


Cool, quirky and unique, the Belfast Barge is the city’s only floating arts venue. Pop down to the museum or get on board for an evening of live music in the main event space.


At the Belfast Barge last night for an engagement party, had a brilliant time, great venue and the staff were fantastic. Special thanks to the DJ who played all of the, well mostly mine to be honest, requests.



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