November 23, 2021
Time: 18:55

P.Y.O.P – Pinch and paint your own pottery! With this four week course you will learn the pinch pot technique and make your very own tea cups. Which you will get to decorate and colour! To match your pinch cups you also get to hand decorate your very own teapot! Enjoy the therapeutic process of hand making your own useable pottery.

These workshops are suitable for beginners.
Week 1 – Assembly / Pinching: Learn the technique begin to play and fully assemble in class.
Week 2 – Detailing: Begin to refine and add detail.
Week 3 – Glazing: Add a splash of colour! Use highly pigmented stains to colour your piece. It will later be dipped in glaze and fired. (Matt finish optional).
Week 4 – Finishing Touches: Adding final touches to make the work resistant to scratch and have professional photos taken of your work!